The tale of Champs Chicken

Nothing brings a family together like a good meal. Such is the story of Champs Chicken. Not so long ago, in a small Missouri town, Shawn and Julie Burcham saw an opportunity in the hot-food industry. They realized so much more could be done…and done better. Their plan was simple: build a business that focused on quality, value and service. So in 1998, out of their home garage, a new company was born.

Little by little, store by store, Champs showed that by offering the juiciest fried chicken, flavorful sides and outstanding customer service—each and every time—customers were guaranteed to return again and again.

Before long, Champs Chicken had outgrown its modest roots and relocated to Holts Summit, MO. Despite the challenging economic times that affected so many, the company flourished. Always focusing on the customer, always providing excellence, Champs Chicken continued to thrive and found a home with grocery and convenience store chains across the country.

Today, the Champs Chicken family includes more than 70 employees and 525 locations in 28 states. But the journey still continues, as the company expands into new markets, and operates in a new 65,000-sq.-ft. headquarters facility. We hope you stop by soon and taste how the best is done. After all, no matter where you’re headed, you’ll always need a good meal along the way.

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